With 260 million school-going children and alarming drop-out rates, delivering grade-level learning requires significant changes in current teaching methodologies. It needs to be supported by an innovative pedagogy that uses interactive technology and advanced learning tools to deliver creative and critical thinking, which is crucial to the development of students into confident and lifelong learners. 

Chrysalis is one of the leading full school solution providers. As an integral academic partner to schools, it provides books, question-based learning materials focused on cognitive development, teacher assistant tools, tech-enabled granular student assessment, ICT activities to engage parents, and home learning applications. Their flagship product – Think Room – creates transformative learning experiences. 

When it comes to Textbooks vs Think Room, Chrysalis is way ahead. Regular textbooks are filled with chunks of texts with no activities. The questions in classroom textbooks are such that they promote rote learning, while in the think room, the information is presented through colourful images and activities so students understand and retain what they’ve learned. Sub-activities and questions ensure that concepts are thoroughly understood. In Thinkroom, plain text is minimal and they look like colourful comics that students will be eager to pick up even when they are not in the classroom. Simple and easy to understand, Think Room takes care of knowledge, understanding, application and skill building.


India’s diverse climate ensures it can produce a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. India ranks second in fruit and vegetable production in the world, after China. As per the National Horticulture Database 2020-21, India produced 102.48 million metric tonnes of fruits and 200.45 million metric tonnes of vegetables. The area under fruit cultivation stood at 9.6 million hectares while vegetables were cultivated in 10.86 million hectares of land. 

Aibono is a farm-to-retail platform dealing in high-value and perishable hill vegetables. It provides high quality seeds and other planting material in advance to farmers, based on projected retail demand. AiBono procures the produce at the time of harvest, right from farm gate and sells to neighborhood retail stores in the city of Bengaluru.

Adiuvo Diagnostics

It is estimated that around 6.7 million people in the world are suffering from chronic wounds. One in four diabetes patients develop ulceration in the foot, and 70% of these wounds do not get healed because of a mismanaged infection. The traditional ways in which an infected wound is diagnosed is through a culture test, doppler test, CT angiography or biopsy. These are costly, and the report generation takes a few days, depending on where the patient is located. 

Adiuvo Diagnostics’ flagship product – Illuminate – is a rapid, point-of-care, handheld device that diagnoses wound infections and does pathogen classification in significantly less amount of time than traditional methods. Living bacteria have an autofluorescence property; it emits light in response to appropriate stimuli. Illuminate creates multi-spectral images of an infected wound based on the light emitted by the pathogens and assesses the images using AI and deep learning. It is then able to detect and classify the pathogen in less than 2 minutes! This platform technology has wider application beyond wound management to areas such as skin parameter assessment, cancer diagnostics, and water quality assessment.