• March 21, 2023
  • 1 Min


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An estimated 89% of K-12 students in India do not have proficiency in reading literacy at or above the baseline level needed to participate effectively and productively in life. This has been established as one of the root causes that is adversely impacting the quality of education in India’s schools and the confidence levels of many children.

Stones2Milestones (S2M) is building an English Operating System for the world. Just as a computer needs an operating system, the world needs an OS for English as a second language. S2M’s flagship product is fREADom – an english learning ecosystem for children of ages 3-12. This ecosystem comprises an app, a live online group class, a live 1:1 class, a blog, and a YouTube channel. fREADom was launched in 2016 as a reading-as-a-life-skill product. S2M believes that one can achieve true freedom only when one can read.

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