• March 23, 2023
  • 2 Min

Math Buddy

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Mathematics is called the queen of all subjects and also the mother of all sciences. But for millions of students Maths elicits fear. India has displayed its love for mathematics since the Vedic period. India’s contribution to the world of mathematics includes the discovery of zero, the decimal number system and negative numbers. 

The National Achievement Survey 2017, conducted by the MHRD, to assess learning outcomes among children across India in different subjects shows class 3, 4 and class 5 students getting 64%, 53% and 42% respectively in the mathematics test. This shows a trend of declining interest in mathematics. More concerning is the fact that the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) confirmed that only 21% students passing class 10 opt for mathematics at the senior secondary level. 

Math Buddy aspires to change this. The company provides schools and students with comprehensive maths learning solutions for Grades 1-10. Its offering includes hands-on activities and online practice, and it also prepares students for Math Olympiads. The activities covered by Math Buddy are mapped to the approved curriculum. It sets up dedicated maths labs in schools, and its hands-on activities make the concepts simpler and enjoyable to imbibe. The concepts are then reinforced through continuous practice, with a dashboard providing granular data to students, parents, and teachers on progress made by students against each of the concepts.

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