Cancer Challenge

Cancer is at the forefront of the disease burden in India. India sees more than a million new cases each year. With severe bottlenecks in infrastructure, skyrocketing costs of treatment and scarcity of expertise, cost-effective innovation across the board is required for meaningful clinical outcomes to be delivered.

Challenge Winner

Through the cancer challenge we received 58 applications from companies developing a wide range of solutions, including genomics, exosome-based solutions, novel methods of treatment and post treatment solutions. After 3 months of rigorous assessment and from a shortlist of 4 finalists, we are proud to announce the winner of this challenge.

Jilma Peruvangat

Kozhnosys is developing India’s first Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled breath-based diagnostics platform for real-time cancer detection. This technology possesses the potential to address the issues of access, affordability and convenience in breast cancer screening in India. It is uniquely positioned to cater to the cultural complexities faced by traditional modalities and its AI-enabled capability makes it easy to use in absence of trained technicians, thus further widening its reach. Additionally, it possesses the potential to screen multiple diseases, and has more use cases in healthcare, food, and other industries.