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We invest in bold entrepreneurs who are shaping a new India

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We are competent in turning ideas into businesses. Committed to making innovations a reality. And empowered by our decades of experience to deliver social impact.

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The next billion in India need more than investment. We partner with companies that combine breakthrough ideas with execution discipline to address unmet needs.






Education & Skill

Transforming Lives

We aspire to impact the next half a billion lives in India.


Increase in farm incomes


Diagnostic tests conducted among underserved patients


Students served


Districts covered across the country

Entrepreneurs we have Trusted

We see the value in entrepreneurs at their earliest stages and back them till the world sees it too.


Geethanjali Radhakrishnan

Co-Founder & CEO


Abhishek Sen



Chitra Ravi

Co-founder & CEO


Ayush Bansal

Founder & CEO

Hear from our Entrepreneurs

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Abhishek Sen

Co-founder, Biosense

"Menterra has been a cornerstone in the journey of Biosense, right from early stage hadholding by Mukesh and team, their intense focus on deep sector specific relevant advice, helping the founders through team transitions, unlock catalytic later stage financing and helping through to the eventual acquisition of Biosense. I am very grateful to Menterra for being a constant support ! I hope more startups in the ecosystem are able to benefit from the support from Menterra Ventures"


Ayush Bansal

Founder & CEO,

“This year, one of the biggest changes we made was in redefining our Theory of Change, and M&E process so as to demonstrate how career guidance creates a tangible impact on the life of young students. All of this was done with the help and guidance from the team at Menterra who spent enormous time and effort with our team and guided us in this process. Menterra Ventures didn’t just bring money on the table but went the extra mile to help us deepen the quality of our offering for students from low-income families.”


Geethanjali Radhakrishnan

Co-Founder & CEO, Adiuvo Diagnostics

“90% startups fail, but a hardtech startup is 100x harder (to sustain). If it wasn’t for investors like Menterra Ventures and Artha Impact, we would not have been able to take a risk in building this deeptech startup. Sometimes it’s not about being a unicorn startup, but building deeptech solutions, which, if they work, have the ability to disrupt and create large scale impact.”


Kavish Gadia

Co-Founder & CEO, Stones2Milestones

“We can only be grateful for the trust Menterra Ventures placed in us way before anyone else did. I will remember each moment of this partnership fondly and how we all somehow knew this was going to be huge! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the guidance and mentorship from each and everyone at Menterra at the right stage.”

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