Stones2Milestones focuses on improving reading proficiency followed by creative and critical thinking. After witnessing the proof of concept work successfully, the Team launched it’s proprietary integrated reading program Wings of Words (WOW) in late 2015.

The current offering addresses a very specific segment – the need for ‘English Reading’ during the formative ages of 3-9 years through an in-school partnership with Indian schools.

What we love about Stones2Milestones


Not being grade level reading-procient has been established as one of the root causes that is adversely impacting quality of education in India’s schools. Stones2Milestones also runs baseline and end-line assessments in their partner and control schools to measure progress in children’s reading comprehension and fluency and how close they are to meeting the reading expertise benchmarks for their age and grade levels. To dene grade wise national reading benchmarks for the country, they are also conducting India’s first pure play English Reading Skill Assessment – FAST.