Healthy, educated, and distress free — that is the India we dream of and work to create.


Access to quality healthcare remains within the hands of a select few. To bridge this growing gap, we drive change through:

Point-Of-Care diagnostics focused on Maternal and Child Healthcare (MCH) and Non-communicable Diseases (NCD)

Data-based and targeted public health interventions

Distribution channels that bring quality care to those who need it the most


With farmer distress increasing by the year, there is an urgent need to stabilize their socio-economic condition. To this end, we fund enterprises that:

Improve market access for farmers through consistent pricing and fair terms

Partner with government or large corporates with incentives to create deep impact and scale

Reduce uncertainty around factors such as rain, seeds, irrigation, power, nutrients, and labor or farm equipment



We help change-makers in India’s education sector make steady progress in their attempt to impacts stakeholders across the country. Some of these measures include:

Developing solutions geared towards the holy trinity of education — learning outcomes, sustainable business model, and impact at the bottom of the pyramid

Introducing early intervention techniques that start at primary grades for lasting and meaningful impact

Promoting subjects such as Science, Maths, and English, which align with the economy’s future needs — with special emphasis on problem-solving skills & intrapreneurship

Initiating change in the schooling system, with teachers as the focal point of engagement


The Indian skill-development market is heavily subsidized and saturated with multiple players. To initiate change in such an environment, we back organizations that:

Create long-term careers rather than short-term placements

Have an innovative approach towards developing content, identifying successful media of content delivery, creating sustainable business models, and building partnerships for employment