Menterra Impact Challenge – Healthcare 2

New solutions for dealing with cancer

India ranks 3rd among nations having the highest number of cancer patients. Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) predicts a 12% increase in cancer cases in India in the next 5 years. Over 13 lakh people suffer from cancer every year.

Who lives and how long they survive boils down to how fast we can diagnose and treat cancers. More than two-third of patients present themselves when the disease has advanced at the time of diagnosis. Approximately 80 %percent would need a surgical procedure during their treatment. However, for 75% of these patients, surgery is unavailable, is unsafe, or is unaffordable. Radiation therapy is used in more than half of cancer patients, The Directory of Radiotherapy Centres has ranked India poorly with less than one radiotherapy machine per million people instead of the required 4 per million. The current demand for cancer care in the world greatly outstrips the supply of medical oncologists. In India, we have 1 oncologist per 2000 cases of cancer which is alarmingly low, adding to the overall bottleneck in cancer treatment.

At Menterra, our investments are focused on increasing access to affordable healthcare and improving health outcomes for underserved communities, while addressing the changing disease burden, and emerging global health priorities, cancer being at the center of this growing burden.

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Access to quality healthcare remains within the hands of a select few. To bridge this growing gap, we drive change through:

A 3-month, nation-wide challenge in collaboration with leading incubators and companies to look for ideas that will address the existing shortcomings and enable the accessible and more equitable treatment for cancer

The technologies are expected to improve early screening and diagnosis, access (quality onco-surgery and radiation therapy) and also recovery and rehabilitation (including usage of dietary interventions and palliative care)

The applications launch on Friday, September 16, 2022 and close on Friday, October 14, 2022. The
awards announcement will take place towards the end of December 2022.


The focus areas of this challenge are :

  • Low Resource: Innovations in low resource settings
  • Scalable: Solutions that can be deployed at scale
  • Access: Ensure increased access across  geographies
  • Affordable: Bring hitherto unaffordable solutions to the larger population


Menterra will further facilitate Indian innovators by offering recognition, financial and field validation support to them required for combating the challenges of the healthcare system. The selected businesses will receive:

  • An initial investment of up to ₹3 crores in businesses by Menterra for investment candidates
  • Equity investment of up to ₹50 lakhs for incubation candidates
  • Participation in an incubation program to deliver commercial milestones to unlock a larger follow-on funding from Menterra


Apply today if you’re a startup addressing problems and innovating in the following:

Early Screening and Diagnosis

Solutions for early detection and diagnosis of cancer, and improvement of diagnostic accuracy in differentiating cancer from other medical conditions precluding its undetected progression to advanced stages.

Improving access

Solutions that improve access to high-quality onco-surgery and radiation therapy by enabling more surgeries and radiation, employing novel methods of delivering treatment, and improving upon current practices by reducing in-treatment errors and post-treatment complications.

Recovery and Rehabilitation

Improvement in the quality of and new solutions for rehabilitation and recovery, use of dietary and other interventions to alleviate side effects and/or to boost the efficacy of treatment, and improvement in palliative care.

The applications launch on Friday, September 16, 2022 and close on Friday, October 14, 2022. The awards announcement will take place towards the end of December 2022.


We’re looking for promising early-stage Indian businesses or start-ups in the oncology space:

  • With truly differentiated products, innovative technologies and business models
  • Working to increase access to quality and affordable healthcare
  • Improving health outcomes for underserved communities
  • Addressing the changing disease burden and emerging global health priorities

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